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Meadowbrook Dental Laser Clinic provides leading-edge laser dentistry to residents of the Fraser Valley. Located in Chilliwack, Meadowbrook Dental specializes in the use of lasers to treat a wide range of dental problems. Some of the dental services offered at the clinic are:

Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry


Root Canals

Dental Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Owned by Dr. Don Utas for the past 17 years and specializing in laser dentistry for the past five, Meadowbrook Dental Laser Clinic is a unique practice in the area. Patients come from Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Lillooet, Mission and Hope.

The dental facilities are all designed to maximize patient comfort and reduce stress, particularly for children and for anyone who is normally fearful of the dentist. Children and adults are perfectly comfortable watching television while wearing headphones and controlling the remote during their procedures.

Dr. Don Dr. Don Utas received his Dental degree from the University of Saskatchewan 18 years ago and bought Meadowbrook Dental in Chilliwack a year later. As a lifelong learner, he has earned a Diploma of Technology at BCIT and a Bachelor of Education at Simon Fraser University and worked as a Park Ranger and a high school teacher before devoting his life to helping people through dentistry.

Oral Surgeons Chilliwack

A maxillofacial surgeon is dentist who has received professional training in several complicated surgical dental treatments. Their focus is on matters pertaining to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems, facial pain disorders, corrective surgeries on impacted wisdom teeth, and tooth implants. Also, oral surgeons are licensed to work on oral cancers, and are able to carry out many cosmetic surgeries. But, they are more suited to treat facial injuries and damage to the teeth, like cracked teeth or broken jaws. A maxillofacial surgeon has got to attend four years of dental school prior to carrying out at least a four year surgical placement at a hospital.

Your common oral health doctor will advise an appointment to an oral surgeon when the service that you require is outside the ability of your oral health care provider. Oral surgeons, are sometimes called maxillofacial surgeons, execute several different oral health treatments to correct issues with the gums, jaw, teeth, and face. Whilst general oral health doctors are capable to execute many of these same operations, oral surgeons will usually focus on those troubles that are more complicated, such as bone grafts, facial reconstruction, oral birth flaws, and the abstraction of impacted teeth.

Clients who have facial deformities from some health conditions or persons who have suffered a facial injury will sometimes call for the help of a capable maxillofacial surgeon to help with the renovation of the face and mouth. Many oral surgeons practice some kinds of plastic surgery to help those who need or wish to correct facial irregularities, such as familiar birth defects and a cleft lip and palate.

Impacted wisdom teeth are additionally really common. Oral surgeons are skilled to eliminate them surgically to limit damage to the gum tissues, jaw, and other teeth. It is possible for other teeth to also become impacted, or injured so severely that they must be extricated. Maxillofacial surgeons will sometimes exchange impacted teeth with tooth implants so as inhibit the other remaining teeth from shifting positions, and to help conserve the look of the teeth. Implants regularly contain a composite tooth attached to a base that has been surgically positioned in the jaw.

Individuals with jaw conditions like a uneven or irregular jaw lengths will normally have need of the services of an oral surgeon seeing that these troubles may lead to eating and speaking difficulties. In addition, jaw imperfections might lead to some tenderness will not offer the right fit for dentures. Individuals suffering from temporomandibular joint issues (TMJ) may often be subjected to pain in the face and cranium region due the condition. Maxillofacial surgeons may be able to reconstruct the jaw to help relieve the pain.

Craniomaxillofacial surgical applications are any operations that are performed on the neck, jaw, face, mouth, and skull including: Dentoalveolar procedures (surgery to do away with impacted teeth, complex tooth extractions, bone grafting to help create additional support for the placement of implants, dentures, or other prosthetics), removing benign tumors or cysts, skin cancer removal, lip renovation, inherited craniofacial malformations such as cleft lip and palate, facial conditions, TMJ (temporomandibular) problems, surgical corrections or facial reconstructions of facial asymmetry, soft and hard tissue trauma of the oral and maxillofacial region (nasal fractures, jaw fractures, cheek bone fractures, skull cracks and eye socket fractures), sleep apnea treatments, and head and neck aesthetic surgeries (brow lift, face lift, cheek augmentation, chin enlargement, lip enhancement, rhinoplasty, and botox).

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Dentists Chilliwack

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Dr. Don Dr. Don Utas received his Dental degree from the University of Saskatchewan 18 years ago and bought Meadowbrook Dental in Chilliwack a year later. As a lifelong learner, he has earned a Diploma of Technology at BCIT and a Bachelor of Education at Simon Fraser University and worked as a Park Ranger and a high school teacher before devoting his life to helping people through dentistry.