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Oral Sedation

Oral health treatments can be accomplished for patients with dental phobias and high levels of anxiety through the use of pharmacological agents (sedation). Now patients can feel fully comfortable during your next oral health visit. Just imagine having all your oral health needs taken care of in one visit. Sedation dentistry can provide an excellent solution for ensuring complete relaxation while you maintain your oral health while assuring complete relaxation.

Patients who would make good candidates for sedation dentistry are people who have extreme dental phobias and/or dental fears, had previous traumatic oral health experiences, patients who have a bad gag reflex, patients who require extensive dental care in a short period of time, have extremely sensitive teeth, or they have trouble responding to numbing and freezing.

Other reasons why sedation dentistry might become an option for some patients who can't handle the smells and sounds of the dental office, who dislike the tastes of the dental products being used for treatments, who have needle phobias, or are very embarrassed about their teeth.

As a patient who requires sedation, you will be given a small pill to take about an hour prior to your oral health visit. You will need the assistance of a helper to transport you to your appointment due to the effects of the medication. You should be very drowsy by the time you arrive and you will then be escorted into your dental chair where your vital signs can be better monitored. The sedative will work rapidly to put you into a relaxed state of consciousness while still allowing you to responsive.

The use of sedation dentistry will create an optimal environment for you and allow your dentist to complete multiple treatments in just one visit. You can comfortably relax from as many as two to six hours. The amount of sedation will vary depending on the treatments required and the type of sedation given. The relaxed state should subside the very next day and you feel very refreshed.

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